2023 Event is Scheduled for December 17th!

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The Jingle Bell Beach Run takes place at Coconut Grove Marketplace | MAP / DIRECTIONS |, located in downtown Kailua-Kona on Ali’i Drive.

While there is plenty of parking available at Coconut Grove, parking is NO LONGER FREE. You will need to be “validated” in order for your parking fees to be waived.

Parking Update!

Effective 10/1/23, all parking at Coconut Grove Marketplace turned into “Paid Parking” via Parklinq. However, for Sunday, December 17th, participant parking will be waived on a “first-come, first-serve basis” via a promo code that will be given out ONLY during Packet Pickup on Saturday (12/16/23). Our agreement with Parklinq allows participants to ONLY park in the designated “GREEN” areas on the parking lot map. The “BLUE” upper lot is for employees only. Read the message below from Parklinq’s Workforce and Client Relations Manager:

Important Notice on Parking Zones

  • It is crucial to inform all participants that parking in the “Employee Parking” zone, marked in blue on the attached map and indicated by “Employee Parking” signage, is strictly prohibited.
  • Violations: Vehicles parked in this area will be issued a violation notice.

Please Carpool! Based on the new parking fee structure at Coconut Grove Marketplace, we encourage everyone to Carpool to the best of your abilities!

*Note: The Promo Code for a waived parking fee will only apply on the event date, Sunday, December 17th. Normal parking fees will be in effect on Saturday, December 16th, during packet pickup.

**Note: Without a Promo Code, there is a 15-minute grace period free of charge for both Hawaii residents and Non-residents. Hawaii residents with a valid Hawaii driver’s license can enjoy 90-minutes of free parking. After that, parking for Hawaii residents will be $5 per hour. Parking for Non-Residents will be $12.50 per hour.

***Note: The parking next door at the Ali’i Sunset Plaza lot is not part of Coconut Grove Marketplace and is paid parking as well.